Monday, December 28, 2009

How to make Capri Sun Lunchbags

These great lunchbags are quick and easy to make, wipe clean and are very durable. Best of all the materials are totally FREE and the kids think they are so cool!1--You will need 18 empty capri sun pouches, rinsed and dried. To thoroughly clean the pouches slash the bottom of the pouch with a sharp knife as in the picture below and either handwash and dry OR place in the top rack of your dishwasher (my preferred method).
2--Make sure that you have a #16 or higher needle in your machine and your favorite color of all purpose thread. Set your stitch to zipzag. Overlap the side edges of two pouches and zipzag through them.3--Connect three Capri Sun pouches in a row topstitching as described in step 2. Make 6 sets of these three-pouch strips.4--Overlap the three-pouch strips and zig zag (like in step 2, again) to make a sheet of 9 pouches. Repeat to make two sheets.5--Connect the two sheets overlapping the bottom of each and zigzagging (again like in step 2). You may have to roll one or both sheets to fit it smoothly under the sewing machine arm (as in picture below).6--Now you have one large sheet with 18 capri sun pouches. Fold the sheet in half with the right sides (design side) of the pouches together matching the top edges. Stitch from the top with a straight stitch stopping about 2.5 inches from the bottom/folded edge. Pinch the folded edge up to meet the stitching to form a T. Stitch each side of the T as in the picture below.7--Turn the bag right side out. Press out the corners at the bottom and shape the sides by folding. At this point you can add ties, velcro or elastic to secure the top or leave it as is for a roll down lunch sack.Done! Takes less than 30 minutes start to finish. A great project for the kids to practice sewing straight lines. This one is for my friend Mary McGiffin!!


  1. Wow!!! I never win anything. That is cool! I will use it when I go to drill and to carry Joshs food. Thank you!

  2. This is totally cool. You come up with the smartest and the "bestest" ideas. You are talented. I am glad that we are I can benefit from your great ideas...LOL


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