Friday, December 04, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Christmas lights are on. Heath helped me install them last Saturday but there were two strands that weren't working so we were a bit lopsided for a few days while Heath tried to find the problem with the strands.

First he thought there was a loose bulb but after checking every bulb several times he found that wasn't the case. Then he tried replacing the fuses. That didn't work either. After that he thought maybe it's a short in a wire so he REWIRED the strand (boys will use any excuse to spend hours messing around with their dads tools and electrical tape). He was successful with about 4 feet of lighting but the rest he couldn't get working. Yesterday I went out and bought two new strands and installed them while he was at school. He hasn't said anything yet.

A spruced-up entry. We removed the scraggly pots that used to be filled with lush flowers and replaced them with a wreath on the door and a new Christmas entry mat. This is a nice stiff mat that they kids are already enjoying wiping their feet on because of the cool sound it makes--of all the things kids like! Hopefully in a few weeks we'll have sleds resting on the front porch too. Snow, snow, snow!

O Christmas Tree! The kids did a great job last weekend setting up the Christmas tree. This is the first year that I haven't had to totally rearrange the tree after they did it. The ornaments were evenly spaced and our favorites were all at the front. They even remembered to decorate the side that faces outside through the windows, Yeah! the ribbon isn't perfectly strung and there are a few construction paper school projects hanging from the front but that's what a beautiful Christmas tree is all about, it means something to everyone in the family.

The Nativities are placed. A couple of nativities are strewn through the tree and placed under it. My favorites are in the place of honor on the piano. Others are set throughout the front room. Some are down low for the kids to play with. They like to hold the baby Jesus and make the wise men talk to each other and move them about the room like they are reenacting the scene.

(When Dave came home and saw everything set up he was very complimentary. He especially likes the nativity in Yosemite Valley. The picture hanging above the piano is one I took of the rest of the family disappearing into the tall grasses at Yosemite about 5 years ago.)

Light a fire and relax. Had a few friends come over last night as part of a progressive dinner. It was nice to have all the decorating done and time to spend with friends, good food and lots of holiday cheer. It was even nicer to come home at the end of the night to a still glowing fire and some peace and quiet.


  1. Hi, my name is Debbie. I'm a fellow sister in your church. I stumbled upon your blog and must say how truly delightful it is. Thanks for your posts :)

  2. Wow Dani....You have outdone yourself again. The pictures of the Christmas decorations are magical. It was wonderful seeing them on Thursday evening. I like how you mentioned that there were a "few" friends over...hilarious. My favorite picture is the last one with your feet up. Classic. I am jealous. Of the feet part. Thanks for everything.


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