Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Teacher Gifts

Hooray!!! Tonight is Family night! Here in the Dooley household we do our best every week to leave Monday nights clear of all other activities so we can spend the time together playing games, doing projects, planning vacations or events and have discussions on hot topics like behavior, expectations, future goals, religious doctrine, current events and politics. We all love Family night and look forward to it every week. This week our project is stuffing and addressing Christmas cards AND assembling teacher gifts (can you believe it is already the last week of school before winter break?!)

I picked up stamps at the post office on Friday, picked up the photo cards from Costco on Saturday and will be spending some time this afternoon writing our family Christmas letter. Followed that up with a quick print of the address labels and we should be ready to roll right after dinner. What we don't finish up tonight I will do tomorrow while sitting at the repair shop waiting for the break replacement on the Suburban (doesn't that sound fun!).

We will also be making our teacher gifts during Family night. We held a vote 2 weeks ago and the winner was candybar snowmen. I got this idea from my friend Carolyn and we made them at the RS Super Saturday last month. They were a big hit there and my kids have been so anxious to make some of their own ever since. The supply list is pretty short: Hershey's candybar, baby sock, scrap fabric, a glue stick and the paper wrapper with a snowman face (see the candybar snowmen link above). The time required is even shorter; we should be able to finish all 16 of them in 10 minutes time easy. Yes, that was 16 that we will be making. My middle schoolers want to make one for each of their teachers. These snowmen are so cheap and easy to make--why not?!

If you haven't given a thought to your teacher's gifts here are a few ideas I was considering and you might like:

Nugget Cases- also a Super Saturday hold-over these handmade boxes are cheap and easy to make and oh, so adorable!(this link has better directions than the Super Saturday post had)

Caramel Apples- who can resist a shiny, yummy caramel apple? Instead of dipping my apples in nuts I like to roll my caramel apples in a cinnamon/brown sugar mixture, crushed peppermints or gingersnap or graham cracker crumbs. Place your caramel apple creation on a cupcake liner and into a plastic baggie tied up with a pretty ribbon. Perfect!

Marshmallow Pops- I did these last year for the kids music teachers. We dipped in chocolate and crushed peppermint candies and other assorted yummies. The kids really enjoyed making these but enjoyed eating them even more--that's why only the music teachers got them.

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  1. Thanks for ALWAYS sharing your creativity. I didn't get to make those at Super Saturday, so I am really glad to make them now. I appreciate your great ideas all the time.


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