Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Snow

I know I've told you before that the newspaper is a hot commodity around our morning breakfast table. Can you believe that my kids fight over who was awake first and gets to run down the hill to retrieve the newspaper from the box?! They do and it's for this one simple fact: the kid that wakes up first and gets the newspaper first gets . . . the comics first! Well, obviously not everyone can have the comics first so everyone has their second favorite piece of the paper that they attempt to claim in succession. Heath and Kirkham squabble over the adventure section. Afton likes the serial stories. Cora likes the weather page (remember my post about the fog) she has an eagle eye for those suns and clouds and this week for the forecasted snowflakes.

Of course the blurp down below the 5-day forecast explained that these were merely possible snowflurries but had Cora taken the time to read the fine print? No! She was too busy showing everyone else the snowflakes. She anxiously kept an eye on the outlook all week watching the snowflakes get closer and closer. On Sunday morning before reviewing the newspaper she informed us all, "today it is going to snow." We looked outside; it didn't look like it was going to snow.

I carefully tried to explain to her the difference between a forecast and reality. I cautiously warned her that the weather here in Washington is sometimes difficult to predict. I promised her that we would get some snow this winter sometime, even if it didn't come today. She ignored me and insisted there would be snow.

Around 9:30am Dave noticed a few specks of what looked like dust falling from the sky. They were teeny and few and far-between but technically it was snow. He called Cora to the window with feigned excitement. She was neither impressed by the particles of snow nor deterred from her course that "real" snow was still on it's way. By the time we left for church the fine dusty layer that had rested upon the lawn and sidewalk had long since dissolved yet she remained confident that more was on it's way.

Cora's patience and determination paid off when after church we walked out into a swirl of white. She could make footprints on the sidewalk, her hair was sparkling with frozen specks and she had been right--we got snow!

It continued to snow just long enough last night to provide the kids with a two-hour school delay this morning. Plenty of time to take a walk in the scant inch of snow, throw some icy-wet snowballs and make a few dirty snowmen.


  1. Ha ha. This makes me laugh now. When I was little and there was even a dusting of snow we would turn on the radio and hope that school was delayed or canceled. Here in Utah, the snow brings inches and no one bats an eye. I never even contemplate about school being canceled. Maybe if we got a good ice storm though...

  2. Yeah.....I get razzed ALL the time from my relatives in Chicago area about us closing school for barely an inch. They razz me all winter long . I personally love the snow and wish that it would snow all the time.


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