Monday, November 16, 2009

Soccer Season Ends

The girls had been wanting to play soccer. We told them to go out back and practice and maybe they could join a team next season. As a rule we don't give in to every whim activity the kids want to join, that would be way too expensive and time consuming. I thought they'd forget about it in a week or so and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

They didn't forget about it. They nagged their brothers and parents to teach them the rules, they practiced in the back every chance they got, they gathered neighbor kids and organized street games, and when soccer season rolled around again they were ready to wave those sign-up forms under my nose and demand, "You promised!"

I promised and I followed through. This past weekend the girls finished up their first season of little league soccer with the Lakewood Steilacoom DuPont Soccer Club. They really wanted it and boy they really got it. They loved their teams, their practices, the gear, the clothes, the games, the cold, the rain, EVERYTHING! They love soccer!

I was not too excited going into it. I was worried about scheduling the games and practices along with everything else we've got going on. I was worried about the expense of the fees, the clothes, the shoes and the snacks. I was worried about being a cold and wet spectator. But now I have to admit I love soccer too. I had lot of fun watching them learn and progress (and remembering my childhood soccer days). It was a great season. Can't wait until next year!

Because of Super Saturday I wasn't able to go to the last game so Dave took some great pictures for me with the new camera. Here are a few of the 264 pictures he took; some great action shots!
Afton coming down the line getting ready to pass to a team mate.

Afton stealing the ball from the other team

Cora stealing the ball from her own team (you can tell dad was in charge--look no braids!)

Cora dribbling, wing-men protecting her. Go Cora, Go!

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