Monday, November 02, 2009


Happy Birthday to me!

Dave and the kids pooled their dough and rounded up just enough to buy me a new camera. And it's not just any camera! It is a very nice camera that my sister is jealous of and my dad is impressed with--now that's a good camera! I promise, promise, promise not to misplace this one. Dave promises that if I misplace this camera he will never, never, ever buy me another camera as long as I live.----Deal!

Here are few of the first pics with the new camera. I do not claim to be an awesome photographer so bear with me.

My new maple tree in the backyard (1/2 off at Lowe's last week, remember). I LOVE the color in these leaves!

My hubby; happy that I'm happy with the big birthday present. Isn't he cute!!

Trying out the macro lens. These are the itsy bitsy flowers on my Rosemary hedge in the backyard.

My beee-eautiful daughter, Afton.

Heath's freshly carved/BB shot pumpkin.

I love pomegranates! and I love it when my mom gives me one for my birthday. Can't wait to break into this one a little later this afternoon.

My parents and Dave's parents also gave me money to purchase lumber for my CHICKEN COOP!!!!

Besides the camera, my kids also gave me lots of hugs and an hour of no fighting. A camera, a pomegranate, $ for a chicken coop, hugs, no fighting---what more could a girl ask for?! What a great birthday, 35 is going to be a good year.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I Like your pictures with your new camera!! I just got a new one too and I LOVE it!! the cheapest place I have found for lenses & things is B&H free shipping too! What kind is your new camera? I got a Cannon Rebel T1i. My new blog is

  2. Happy Birthday Dani! Wow!!! You are an awesome photographer. I am glad that you received a new camera. Oh happy day ! Talk to you soon.

  3. Hooray! I'm so excited for you...a new camera...and materials for a coop! :-)))))

    I'm so glad you had a great birthday. Keep me posted on how your coop is coming along!

  4. Dani, I am glad that you like your camera so much and had a great birthday! It was nice of you to let me play around with your camera... and post a couple pics I TOOK! I feel so special. Now stop teasing me for taking such close portraits! hahaha. :)

  5. Happy Birthday. I am liking your pictures already. There is nothing like having a good fun camera to play around with. Enjoy the year!


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