Monday, November 09, 2009

Lower Lowe's Discounts

Holy Hostas Batman!
Lowe's has reduced their nursery stock to
75% percent off!!!!

On Saturday I went in to Lowe's for a bolt and faceplate. I walked out with the bolt and faceplate, 2 Cedar trees, a 6' tall Climbing Hydrangea Vine, 4 Rhodedendrons, 2 Golden Barberry bushes, and a Spiderwort perennial. My grand total was just under $30!!!!

So that you may hustle over to Lowe's and take advantage of these incredible prices I am keeping this post short. Go get yourself a tree for $5 or a Rhody for $1.25 or a Viburnum for $7.50 or a Spiderwort for 50 cents or one of those super fancy Laceleaf Maple trees for a mere $18!!!

Hurry---you can thank me come spring.

OH WAIT--One more thing! Albertsons double coupons came out in the Sunday paper. They are good only until Tuesday and you can get more at the customer service desk in store.

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  1. Thanks for this heads up! I got a few plants (I don't remember their names now - some sort of willow bushes and a little tree) but my steal of a deal was my Japanese maple! Thanks for keeping us posted! Now let's hope I don't kill them :)


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