Monday, November 23, 2009

Get those bulbs in the ground!

Perhaps it's too late in your neck of the wood. Perhaps it's already snowing or the ground is already frozen. Perhaps you will have to live through another boring, bland, colorless spring; I feel bad for you. In my neck of the wood it is not too late. The general rule for planting spring blooming bulbs in the Pacific Northwest is no later than Thanksgiving. I've still got 3 days.

You may be stressing about Thanksgiving and pies and Turkeys and the relatives but not me, I'm stressing about my garden. Three days and 3 bags of bulbs, a bag of garlic, 13 shrubs/plants/trees in pots and a whole heckuvalotta wind and rain. Just my luck wouldn't you know it!

I guess I don't really mind planting in the rain. Generally the soil gives way to the shovel a little easier and damp holes don't fall in on themselves as readily as dry sandy ones. Plants certainly do a lot better when planted during wet spells, their roots get enough water to keep them from going into too deep a shock. Plants are also building their roots in the fall and aren't concentrating on growing--perfect planting conditions.

Perfect planting conditions for the plant of course. My personal preference, perfect planting conditions for the planter (me) would be dry, not too cold, a little bit of winter sun. That was yesterday. Sunday! I don't work in the yard on Sunday it's my day of rest! AND IT WAS NICE OUTSIDE! Oh well, I suppose I'll have a blessed garden for not planting on the sabbath. I know I will.

So, if like me you have not yet planted your spring bulbs and you have a few more potted plants, bushes, trees, etc hanging around waiting for a home you need to get on it. Like you needed another thing to do this week, I know. But the weather isn't getting any more hospitable.

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