Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cora's Story

Saturday evening Afton went to a party and poor Cora was left to her own devices for a few hours. She did puzzles for a while but quickly finished her favorites. She watched her brothers play video games but they wouldn't let her join them for it was a two person game. She then went outside and spent some time with the dog, it soon began to rain. After coming in from the dog she disappeared into her bedroom. When she emerged she brought me this story scrawled on a white board:

For those of you who do not read phonetic English here is my translation:
Ann and Jack were having fun then-- BOOSH!
"Oh, no, Look!" cried Jack.
"What?!" said Ann.
"I saw a Jaguar!"
"You saw a Jaguar?!"
"Yeah, I did see one. I saw one, I did. I did see one Jaguar. I did!"
She did a pretty good job of following the Dick and Jane formula of story writing don't you think? I wish I had a video camera so you could have heard her read it to me. The way she pronounces Jaguar is phonetic "jag-yoo-ahr" (the correct pronunciation is "jag-wahr"). Too funny/cute!

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  1. Next time please give us a call. Hannah is usually gunning for me to invite people over to play with her because she is just as bored.


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