Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best prices in town 11/18-11/24

Here it is. Your weekly installment on where to find what on this weeks grocery run. As usual I've only included the sale items that are truly sales and really low prices. I don't shop all of these stores each week but I do decide which one I'll go to based on my needs and what I deem to be the best prices. Happy Shopping!

Fred Meyer
Naval Oranges 48 cents/lb
Canned Veg 3/$1 w/ in-ad coupon
Butter 2/$3 w/ in-ad coupon

Broccoli Crowns 78 cents/lb
2-liter 7-up/A&W 3/$1 (11/18-11/21 only) Limit 3
20 oz Dole Pinneapple 10/$10 - 50 cents off printable manuf coupon
Milk $1.99 gallon
$5 reward coupon with $25 purchase (20% off) of the following:
Banquet Brown N serve links 99 cents (79 cents)
Nestle Toll House Chips 2/$4 ($1.60) - 50 cent manuf coupon
Wilderness Pie filling 2/$5 ($2 ea)-55cent/2 manuf coupon
16+lb turkey 27 cents/lb with $25 minimum purchase. limit 1

10lb Russet Potatoes 95 cents ea
butter $1.69/lb
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 88 cents w/in-ad coupon limit 2
Campbell's gravy 47 cents ea - $1/4 printable manuf coupon
Albertson's Cranberry Sauce 57 cents ea
20 oz Dole Pinneapple 10/$10 - 50 cents off printable manuf coupon
Chef BoyR Dee Pasta Bowls $1 - 50 cents/2 printable manuf coupon (perfect for your 72 hour kits!)
Libby's Pumpkin 97 cents ea
save $4 off your next trip when you purchase 4 :
Dreyers ice cream $2.50 each ($1.50 after savings)
16+lb Turkey 27 cents/lb with $25 minimum purchase. limit 1

Saar's Marketplace
Beef Rib Roast $2.99/lb
butter 99 cents w/in-ad coupon limit 1
5lb Pillsbury flour 99 cents w/ in-ad coupon limit 1
Green Celery 58 cents w/in-ad coupon limit 7
Yams or Sweet Potatoes 39 cents/lb w/ in-ad coupon limit 7#
Fuji or Honeycrisp Apples 58 cents/lb w/in-ad coupon limit 7#
Globe Grapes 97 cents/lb w/in-ad coupon limit 7#

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