Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/11-11/17 Menu Plan

Last weeks menu plan got a bit screwed up because we cooked a Pork shoulder instead of a roast chicken (the chicken was buried at the bottom of the freezer, mom was sick and the kids pulled the pork off the top of the freezer instead). So, last night, Wednesday, we had some leftover BBQ Pork shoulder, cornbread, and a big salad instead of the shrimp fettuccine I had planned on.

Thursday-I'm still not well so tonight Heath will still be in charge of dinner and will likely make pinwheels as stated in last weeks meal plan.

Friday- Pizza night! It doesn't matter how sick I am pizza night is mandatory. The antibiotics should have me feeling better by Friday anyways.

Saturday- The end of a long week/weekend (Friday is cookie dough delivery and Saturday is Super Saturday) I'm hoping Dave will make dinner on Saturday--perhaps you could remind him for me :). He has been eying the shrimp in the freezer and I bet he'll make the shrimp fettuccine that was supposed to be served Wednesday, according to last weeks menu plan, served with broccoli and bread sticks

Sunday-Breakfast for dinner night. Belgian Waffles with fruit and cream, sausage and eggs.

Monday-French Roast Chicken. I should be better by now and have no problem digging through the freezer for a roasting chicken. Will be served with roast vegetables, and a nice big salad.

Tuesday-Chicken Quesadillas, spanish rice, refried beans

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