Thursday, October 22, 2009

While supplies last

I am so very excited to tell you that if you live in the Lakewood area and you are in desperate need of trees, bushes, shrubs, plants of any sort, you are in LUCK!

Lowes has marked most of their nursery inventory to 1/2 off. That's 1/2 off people-- get excited!

I am so excited because I can totally afford a partial yard makeover when all the plants are 1/2 off! I got myself the following:
  • a new pear tree to replace the one that Heath rang with the weed whacker this summer--$10.
  • Two big tall shade trees; one is a maple and the other is a Beech (I think)--$20 each.
  • Six Nandina Bushes to go on my back hillside against the huge Laurel hedge--$5 each.
  • Five somethings (I have no idea what the plants are called, totally forgot, but they are beautiful deciduous bushes with flaming red autumn color and bright green leaves and white blossoms spring through summer) to go under the Nandina on the hillside--$9 each.
  • Two Viburnum snowball bushes to tuck in by the old gnarly stump that I just love--$3 each.
  • A pot of Hostas, I can't resist a good hosta--$1.50
For under $150 I got all the landscape plants I need for my backyard (for now)!! HURRAY!!

Now for the front yard . . . See you at Lowe's!

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  1. Thanks for the info...I need some more plants!!


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