Monday, October 05, 2009

School Fundraisers

I am not a big fan of school fundraisers--I hate them. I hate having my kids sell junk. I hate having to juggle other peoples money. I hate not being able to afford to buy to support it. I hate the stupid prizes they offer the kids to get them so excited about the whole dang thing.

So how did I end up being the fundraiser coordinator this year? I'll tell you how! If there has to be a fundraiser--and yes, though we hate to admit it we all know there has to be at least one fundraiser--it's gotta be one that I don't think is junk, that I don't have to worry about other people paying my kids the wrong amount of money, something I can afford, with a decent prize program that my kids and every other kid in the school is gonna go crazy for! So I offered to be the fundraiser chair.

This year we sold cookie dough. The fundraiser committee pre-requisites: must come in box, must be a flat rate for all flavors, not too many options, not a lot of prizes but a few good ones. Apparently a few of the parents agreed because we grossed $18,000+! WOW!!! (last year we grossed $6,500)

The fundraiser committee and PTA board has decided that the money raised will be used to pay for student field trips this year ($10 per student), as well as host some great educational assemblies and hopefully have enough left over to pay for a few capitol improvements to our school!

I'm so excited about the outcome!
but I still hate fundraisers.


  1. Wow..that is awesome. I am also of the belief that fundraisers are a waste of time. My kids rarely participate. Occasionally they will but it has to be for something awesome. Congrats on that. So, what is the school's profit on that? Good job, Dani !

  2. I agree. I have always hated school fundraisers, unfortunately they are a necessity in this day and age of budget cuts. We do the cookie dough every year because it is such a cash cow. I'm glad yours went well (And those cookies really are good!).


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