Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm in a bit of a rush today. Remember the big school fundraiser I was bragging about at the beginning of the month? Well, today is Prize Day! Any kid who sold more than 5 items gets to participate in Thunderbash (an inflatables party in our own school gym: bounce houses, slides, etc.) and any kid who sold more than 15 items gets to take a Limo Hummer ride to McDonalds to have lunch with the Principal. There are 108 kids going to Thunderbash and 49 going to McDonalds! I'm in charge of the whole schebang so I haven't much time to chat.

However, I did want to wish you a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow! My kids are very excited and have worked out their costumes for the most part. Cora is going to be a princess, Afton is going to be a ghost and Kirkham is going to be a grim reaper. Heath hasn't decided yet if he is dressing up. At 13 years old, it is really tough to find that line between babyish costumes and cool costumes and he's right there. He is concentrating his efforts on decorating the back of the suburban for the Trunk-r-treat at the church--best decorations win a prize. Prizes are cool for 13 year olds!

And, Just when I had decided not to go shopping this week Fred Meyer puts an ad in my Tacoma News Tribune on page A8. They are attempting to lure me in with Pork Shoulder Blade roast for 89 cents/lb (a very good price!) and coupons for milk (99 cents/gallon-another very good price!), Candy ($1.99/bag), and Cheetos (69 cents/bag). Combine those with the 69 cent/lb chickens, etc. that I told you about yesterday and I may end up swinging in there--maybe.

This weeks menu:
Tonight--Pizza night!
Saturday--Split pea soup, a halloween tradition
Sunday--Dinner at mom's house for my birthday!
Monday--Rosemary Roast Chicken & Vegetables, Salad and fresh bread
Tuesday Taco night--Chicken Enchiladas, Rice, Beans, Salad
Wednesday--Chicken Soup, Salad and Rolls
Thursday--Ravioli w/ Marinara, Salad, Breadsticks
Friday--back to pizza night!

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