Monday, October 19, 2009

Double coupon Dance

Dou-ble Cou-pons! Dou-ble cou-pons! Dou-ble Cou-pons! Dou-ble cou-pons!Yeah!!!!

Yesterdays Sunday paper had Albertson's double coupons that I am going to use on the big General Mills sale this week. There were also some good coupons for halloween candy, Cold Stone Creamery, and more. If you can't beg, borrow or steal a paper from a neighbor or family member pick one up at your local Dollar Tree for $1.

If you can get into Albertson's before the double coupons expire (Tuesday at 11:59pm) here are a few items that will be well worth your while picking up (that is if you have the proper coupons stored up from Sunday's past):

Chex mix 3/$5 -50 cents off two - doubler = 66 cents each
Cheerios, Golden Grahms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2/$4 - $1 off 3-doubler= $1.30 per box
Gogurt 2/$5 - $1 off two-doubler= $1.50 each
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 3/$5 -40 coupon - doubler= 86 cents
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 3/$5 - 40 coupon-doubler=86 cents
Betty Crocker Warm Delights 3/$5 - 50 coupon-doubler=66 cents
Green Giant Steamers 2/$4 - 50 coupon-doubler=$1
Green Giant Frozen Veg 3/$5 -50 cents off two-doubler=1.16 each
Nature Valley Bars 2/$5 -40 cents coupon-doubler=$1.70

OK so maybe you're thinking that some of those prices look good but really their not great. You're right! They're not great until you factor in that when you purchase $25 in products (advertised price before coupons and doublers) a $10 coupon will print at the register that you can use on your next Albertson's order! This is a 40 percent savings that brings the preceding prices down to the following:

Chex Mix=50 cents/bag
Cereals= 53 cents/box
Gogurt=50 cents/box
Cookie Mix=20 cents/box
Fruit Snacks=20 cents/box
Warm Delights= FREE!
Steamers=20 cents/box
Frozen Veg=50 cents/box
Nature Valley bars=70 cents/box

Now those are good prices. I know there may also be some coupons floating around in your coupon file for Progresso soup, Betty Crocker potatoes, Totinos Pizza Rolls, Pillsbury grands, rolls and crescents and more. JUST REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY USE 3 DOUBLE COUPONS PER TRANSACTION! Plan carefully to make the best use of your coupons!

While we're talking great deals you must check out Fred Meyer's ad this week. It is their anniversary sale and they have some great deals beginning with New York Steak and Jumbo Prawns for $3.99/lb!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY! LEAVE SOME FOR ME! They are also selling Apples and Pears for 68 cents/lb, baby carrots for 50 cents/lb, Foster Farms chicken breasts for 97 cents/lb, Colgate toothpaste for 70 cents per tube and look for the following coupons to clip:
Dreyers ice cream 2/$4
Tillamook Cheese 2lb brick $3.99 each
Fred Meyer Peanut Butter or Preserves 10/$10

Last but not least, while we're here we may as well talk menus too. This is what's cookin' this week:
Monday-Chili, Cornbread, Veggie Tray with dip
Tuesday-Enchilladas, Mexican Rice, Cabbage and Pico de gallo
Wednesday-Swedish Meatballs over noodles, Brocolli, salad
Thursday-Ham and Brocolli cheddar ring (Pampered Chef Recipe), salad
Friday-Pizza night, Hawaiian and Pepperoni
Saturday-Mac and Cheese, Peas, apple salad
Sunday-Breakfast for Dinner! Pancakes and Eggs
Monday-STEAK . . . . . .

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  1. You have really piqued my interest now. What is the Ham and brocolli cheddar ring? It sounds delish. And thanks for posting your menu for the week. I am always looking for nummy things to try and sometimes we get tired of my menus. We are having my favorite Chicken casserole....actually it is tuna casserole, minus the tuna. I have school tonight so I like to make super easy things that I can eat on the run and the family can easily enjoy too. Thanks for letting us come over on Saturday. It was fun.


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