Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby steps and running errands

Just to prove to you how good I am doing at these baby steps I thought I'd fill you in on a whole week of Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , yesterday was "Desk Day", today I will run errands.

Errands, errands, errands. Seems there's always something to pick up, something to check out, something to drop off and something to purchase, doctors visits, hair appointments and meetings of all sorts. In fact there are so many errands to run that setting aside one day to do them all is sometimes not enough, but I still like to try. Doing as many errands as I can in one day saves time, energy and especially gas money.

On my desk day, yesterday, I like to plan out my errands ahead of time. I write a list, prioritize the list (in case I run short on time), and then map my route. By map my route I don't literally mean that I make a map on mapquest or anything--I grew up here for goodness sakes, I know my way around ok-- I just make sure that I do my errands in an orderly manner so I'm not criss-crossing across town and wasting my time and money (on gas) doing so; remember, the whole point of doing them on one day is to save both these commodities. Oh, and don't forget to arrange your route with grocery shopping at, or near, the end because it's a bad idea to have ice cream and milk and lettuce and such rolling around in the back of your warm car all day long.

{But now that I bring up the mapquest thing that might be a good idea, especially for someone who is new to an area. Many moons ago when I lived in California I quite often had to do something like this to find my way around the new town without getting hopelessly lost.}

Without any further ado, here is my list of errands for the day:
  1. Elementary school to drop off flyers
  2. Lakewood Library to return books and pick up books on hold
  3. Target for party supplies, shampoo, socks, printer cartridge, etc.
  4. Lowes for back porch roofing materials and some landscape plants(?)
  5. drop off package to in-laws
  6. purchase apples and carrots at Tacoma Boys
  7. McDonalds to talk to the manager about getting a discount on 50 happy meals (Limo to Lunch prize for fundraiser participants)
  8. Dollar Tree for party supplies
  9. Walgreens to pick up a prescription
  10. Albertsons (I'll post my new shopping list tomorrow)

Read the whole series on my Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , Tuesday is "Desk Day", Wednesday I ran errands, Thursday is catching-up day and Friday I get back to blessings.

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