Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby steps and Desk Day

Just to prove to you how good I am doing at these baby steps I thought I'd fill you in on a whole week of Fly Lady fun. Yesterday I "Blessed my House" and today is "Desk Day".

Desk day is the day I take care of everything desk related: paying bills, filing paperwork, making phone calls, planning meals and shopping lists, writing letters or documents, analyzing the budget, researching anything, etc. I try to keep my desk work to an hour or two but, you know how it goes, some days I'm at the desk all . . . . day . . . . . long, especially the last week of the month when I'm paying bills.

Fortunately this is the first week of the month; all the bills are paid and most of the paperwork is filed. I will finish up my leftover filing from last week, sort through the stuff that was plopped into my inbox this past week and plan out my grocery shopping and menus for this next week. That shouldn't take very long but I can't do my grocery and menu planning until after the ads get here with the mail, around noon.

Until then I have a few Desk projects that need to be done. For PTA I have minutes to type up, an agenda to prepare and the monthly budget report to work on all due on Thursday and a flyer to go out on Wednesday. For Relief Society I have a letter to write, 3 phone calls to make and a dinner party to finish planning. For the household here I have 2 phone calls to make, plans for my donut dunk and pumpkin carve to finalize, and I need to research what I need to update my 72-hour emergency packs.

It looks like a long list huh?! Desk Day is my favorite day of the week because when I write everything down that I need to do it all looks like it's going to take a long time-- but it really doesn't. I feel like I get a lot done on desk day AND it helps me concentrate on my other tasks throughout the week. I don't worry about the bills being paid because I know I did them, or will do them, on desk day. I don't worry about planning and scheduling because I did it all on desk day. If I skip a desk day, then I worry!

Read the whole series on my Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , Tuesday is "Desk Day", Wednesday I ran errands, Thursday is catching-up day and Friday I get back to blessings.

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