Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Steps and catching-up

Just to prove to you how good I am doing at these baby steps I thought I'd fill you in on a whole week of Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , Tuesday was "Desk Day", Wednesday I ran errands, today I am catching-up.

OK, so technically "catching-up" is not a Fly Lady term, it's mine. I try to set aside one day each week to catch up on anything I wasn't able to accomplish the rest of the week OR catch up on projects around the house, so, sometimes I call it project day. A few weeks ago I cleaned out my garage on a project day/catching-up day.

Today I have to finish up some of the errands I didn't complete yesterday, complete "hot spots" 3 and 4 (
see "Blessed my House" 2nd to last paragraph)and then I have a few party planning details to mash out before the weekend hits.

I also have to give you my shopping list for the week, the one I promised yesterday. This is what I got at Albertson's:
6 boxes general mill's cereals (2/$4)-$2.50 in coupons
8 bags of Chex mix (3/$5)-$2 in coupons
subtotal $20.50
-$2 off coupon= $18.50
received $10 off my next purchase coupon at checkout.

I would usually wait until after the weekend to see if Alby's will have double coupons in the Sunday ads but my cereal coupons were expiring today so I couldn't pass 'em up. If they have doubles I may go back on Monday and use my $10 off on another batch of groceries.

If I have a few minutes to stop in at Safeway this weekend these are the great deals they've got going on Saturday and Sunday:
12 2 liter Safeway soda (3/$1)
4 Oscar Mayer Bacon (2/$5) -$3 in coupons
2 30 oz bags Tysons breaded chicken ($8 BOGO free)-$2 in coupons
total= $12

Well, I've gotta run so I can get caught up before my RS and PTA mtgs this afternoon. What are you gonna get caught up on today?

Read the whole series on my Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , Tuesday is "Desk Day", Wednesday I ran errands, Thursday is catching-up day and Friday I get back to blessings.

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  1. well I think your daily routine is fabulous! excellent


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