Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Virtual Classroom: Grocery Shopping 104

part 4 in a series. Grocery Shopping 101, Grocery Shopping 102, Grocery Shopping 103.

In Grocery Shopping 103 we started talking about the 4 steps:
  1. Know your prices
  2. Combine coupons with sales
  3. (stockpile)
  4. Plan meals according to what's on sale
We covered step 1 so let's get on to step 2-Combine coupons with sales. This is my favorite step because I love watching those super low sale prices, which I know are low because I know my prices, get ever lower when I use coupons.

I get the majority of my coupons from the Sunday newspaper but there are a myriad of other places to find coupons too. For more ideas about where you can find more coupons read my Questions Answered post.

All you have to do is match the sale items in your weekly ads with your manufacturere coupons--way simple! If it overwhelms you there are websites that do it for you. One of my favorites is Pinching your pennies. I go straight to the Utah forums (their Albertson's sales are the same as ours) and check out the weeks screaming deals. I look for the sticky with Albertsons deals posted by Shelley, it's usually right near the top and has a link to an excellent list from Grocerysmarts complete with star ratings for how good the price is. With this you can kinda skip the "know your prices" step--kinda. I sometimes find that my idea of a good price is lower than theirs is but anyways . . . .

The bottom line is: when you purchase items at a low sale price AND use coupons you get a really good deal and yes, occassionally make money on your groceries! But that is not the last step in getting a good deal grocery shopping we've still got two more to go. Read more in Grocery Shopping 105.

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