Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shopping List

It's been a while since I've posted my weekly shopping list. That's because over the summer I haven't been shopping on a weekly basis, instead I've been shopping on a whenever-I-can-manage-to-find-a-spare-30-minutes basis or as needed. As I've been saying a lot since the kids went back to school it's time to get back to business as usual--it's time to re-institute the weekly $60 grocery list.

To get what I want I will be shopping two stores this week: Albertson's and Fred Meyer. Albertson's has double coupons this week and you can only use three per transaction so I will do two transactions.

Albertson's #1
2 Keebler Cracker packs $2.50 each-$1 coupon-$1 doubler=$3
2 Keebler Cracker packs $2.50 each -$2 coupon=$3
2 Rice Krispies treat packs $2.50 each-$1 coupon-$1 doubler=$3
4 Kellogg's cereals $2.50 each-$2 coupon-$2 coupon=$6
1 Act II Popcorn $1-.40 coupon-.40 doubler=.20
2 cantaloupe @ .38 cents/lb =approximately $2
Sub total=$17.20
-Kellogg's/Keebler instant $10 savings = $7.20

(The $2 coupon for the Keebler Crackers is combined with Fresh Fruit, I must buy fresh fruit to validate the coupon for the crackers.)

Albertson's #2
10 Kellogg's cereals $2.50 each
4 Dannon Danimals crush cups $1.99 each -$6 in coupons-$2 doublers= $0
3 Ocean spray craisins $2.69 each-$6 in coupons=$2.10
1 Act II Popcorn $1-.40 coupon-.40 doubler=.20
Sub total=$27.30
-Kellogg's/Keebler instant $10 savings=17.30
-$2 Albertson's checkout coupon=$15.30

(The coupons for the Danimals and Ocean Spray are combined with the Kellogg's cereals, I must buy the cereal and the yogurt/craisins to validate the coupons)

Fred Meyer
** all starred items must have a Fred Meyer coupon to purchase at this price

**2 fresh express salad kits $1 ea=$2
**10 Fred Meyer instant oatmeal boxes 10/$10=$10
**10 Fred Meyer canned beans 2/$1= $5
4 Foster Farms Fryers .67 cents/lb=approximately $9.50
4 gallons of milk $1.99 each=$8
5lbs carrots .38/lb=$2
2lbs celery .38/lb=.80
Sub total=$37.30

Grand Total for all three stores=$59.80

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