Friday, September 11, 2009

Paper Towels

Paper Towels are the bane of my existence. OK, not the bane, we are frenemies. I like having them around for draining bacon or donuts. Or to use for the occasional really nasty clean up like say dog poop in the house, yuck! But generally I prefer a regular dish towel or rag or cloth napkin for the simple reason that, you guessed it, their cheaper.

Paper towels are so darn expensive! Especially considering the way my beloved, wonderful, helpful, kind husband and kiddles like to use them. To dry hands, to wipe up milk drips, to blow a nose, to put under a cup, to make paper airplanes, to dry off the trampoline. A different one for each chore no matter how small/simple, large/ambiguous the job. USE A WASHCLOTH! SAVE A TREE! I have recently taken to hiding the paper towels. They come out when the fam leaves or when someone is sick and sanitation wins out over econimization.

When my brother Jacob and his lovely wife Ally came to visit this summer we found out that they are paper towel freaks too but in a little different way. They love this paper towels infomercial. Yes an infomercial for paper towels that I think you must see for yourself.

(It is best watched at night when you are a little tired with a few friends that too are a little tired. WARNING: rated PG for mild language)


  1. Oh my goodness...that "infomercial" was stinkin' hilarious. I LOVE your sense of humor, Dani. I must have a million friends because of all the paper towels that I use for Daycare ( at least according to the commercial). have the 21 spare free hours been? Have you gotten everything done on your previous list??? Me either. You go !

  2. Thanks for fueling Allison's fire, Dani. She watches that clip nearly everyday, and she can't watch it just once, so it is more like three times a day nearly everyday.


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