Monday, September 28, 2009

The last of the Blackberries

I have been scrambling to pick the last of the blackberries at Fort Steilacoom park for I am determined to get a nice store of blackberry jam in my cupboard. I have been over there every few days picking the berries that have ripened in the interim. There are only a few left. Unfortunately the weather report has changed over the weekend and it looks like rain will start pouring down Monday afternoon. There is no end in sight and well, you know what rain does to blackberry season. Ends it!

Next up: Pears, mmmmmm!

Oh, I found this for you over the weekend. Here's a great link to a publication by the University of Utah called the Cost of Convenience. It isn't as fun to read as my blog (duh!) but it sure has a lot of good information about how much you're paying for those gotta-have-'em convenience items and when it's really worth it.

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  1. Read the Cost of Convenience article -- very interesting. I've never heard of someone making their own Maple syrup... or Sweetened Condensed Milk (with margarine!)... or Cheese Spread (egg, cheese, milk & mustard?!). It was very informative. Thanks for passing it on!
    I enjoyed looking at your RS Blog -- great idea. I'm not sure I have the energy to do it myself (I'm the Enrichment Counselor, too), but imagine me clapping in your honor. :)


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