Thursday, September 03, 2009

Get to school!

No, I'm not yelling at my kids. No, I still don't want them to go back yet. It's you I'm talking to-- Yes, you--the parents.

Did you know that decades worth of research show that when parents are involved in their kids school the kids have:
  • higher grades, test scores, and grad rates
  • better attendance
  • better self-esteem and motivation
  • lower rates of suspension
  • lower rates of drug and alcohol use
  • lower rates of violent behavior
It's true. And the more parents are involved, the greater the effects!

So, have your kids had a tough time in school the last couple of years? Have they gotten in some trouble or have their grades been not as good as they should have been? OR, do you want to make sure there are never (or fewer) problems in the future? Get to school!

Join the PTA. Volunteer for an hour every week-or every other week-or once a month. Go to school events. Get to know the teachers and make sure that they know that you know what goes on in their classroom. Spend time talking to your kids and their friends at school. My personal favorite is just sitting and listening to my kids talk to their friends and making sure that all the friends know who I am and that I am H/K/A/C's mom. It makes a difference.

Can you tell that I am gearing up for another year of PTA? I spent 3 hours in meetings Tuesday, 2 1/2 hours in meetings on Wednesday and will again be at the school for a few hours today. I was PTA secretary and the fundraising coordinator last year. This year I am the Treasurer and fundraising coordinator and acting interim Secretary (anyone wanna be the secretary so I can stop?). I have been on the Site Council for 2, going on 3, years. And, I love it!

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