Friday, September 25, 2009

The fog is settling in

Just last night, while sitting on the sidelines of the soccer field visiting with the other soccer moms, I was remarking what a beautiful, nice warm Fall we've had. Usually by the time games start we're standing under umbrellas and wearing rain boots. Last night I was wearing capris, flip-flops and my favorite hoodie because this year we are still enjoying unusually warm weather in the 80's and 70's.

This morning may mark a change. We woke up to a thick cloud bank and cold air. The girls bundled up in their new coats for the first time. The boys prepared hot cocoa for breakfast. I postponed my morning walk for fear of not being seen through the fog (and because I was too cold) I'll leave in a few minutes.

The kids read the newspaper over breakfast every morning. This morning was no different each taking their turn with the comics and their favorite section. Heath likes the front page, Kirkham likes Soundlife, Cora likes the weather page. She told us all that there was a sunshine with clouds for the weather report today. I checked over her shoulder to read. No rain predicted in the 5-day outlook, still in the 70's for a high but the lows are starting to sink into the 40's. Afton asked when it is going to start snowing.

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  1. I love seeing the first fog of the season. What I would really love to do when I see fog, is continue sleeping in my super warm and inviting big bed...but because I am seeing the fog outside, that means that I am up for the whole day. I really love the fall. I really think that fall and spring are my two favorite seasons of all times. I like summer too...but fall and spring really rock my world.


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