Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Semester

So, it's about time I got around to finishing up my degree. Yep, you got it, I am one of the many stereotypical gals who went to BYU to earn their University Degrees and left with an Mrs. instead of a BS. I admit it.

Also fitting with the stereo type I was pregnant when we left Provo. I really thought I would be able to finish the rest of my work independent study or through a local college--I had finished all my Major Courses (Fashion Design), I only had a few GE's to finish up. But, alas, babies are lot more demanding, consuming, cute and enjoyable than Chemistry, Biology, World History, Statistics. Not only that but once you have one baby--well, let's just say I didn't stop having them for 7 years and then it took another 6 to get them all in school full-day and well, here I am, still without that degree I promised myself 15+ years ago.

It's about time I finished up that degree. I doubt I'll ever use it for anything other than to hold it over my children's heads, prove to myself that I can finish a project and of course be able to fill in the bubbles on the school family info forms/census asking the level of education received by the adult members of the household.

I have a whopping 22 credits left. It's not much really, in fact one semester at BYU I took a 21 credit load (I nearly killed myself but I survived with a B average!). I can totally get this done in two semesters, I have to get this done in 2 semesters. If I don't graduate in April 2010 they are going to make me change programs and I'll loose some of my credits and have to take new ones or something like that, I've been out of school too long and I didn't totally understand it all--but acchhhh--I've got to get it done!

I registered today for Chemistry 100, History 201 and Rel A 212. Since they are Independent Study I technically have 1 year to complete them. Since I want to/need to graduate in April I will give myself until December 11th (ish) to complete them then I will move on to two more Religion classes over the holidays and four more classes from February -April. At least that's the plan. I'm a little (LOT) scared.


  1. Congratulations on this big step! I've had my BYU Independent Study paperwork in a file for 5 years! I gave myself the excuse that we didn't have the tuition money, that I would need to get the papers signed by my bishop... etc, etc, etc. You've inspired me! I have less credits to do, but it's MATH. Ugh. (I don't love Math like you do).

  2. YOU GO DANI !! I am so proud of you. I just started my second quarter at Pierce College. I already have 35 credits of my GE and now all I need are the ECE classes. I am so happy to be in college again. Although I am definitely one of the older students, I love it nonetheless. It is also cool because I was given a full scholarship of tuition and books, to earn my AA. So, even though I am way behind you....my "proudness" for you is over the top. And if I must admit, it is really nice for me to give the family a list of stuff that they need to accomplish before I get home from school, as I am "SUPER" busy with studying and etc. Guilt works wonders. Make sure that the kids all pick up some of the slack, if for nothing else, to prove to them how important it is and how much easier it is to go to college before spouses and babies come. Just my two cents worth. Congratulations Dani.


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