Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I'm taking a break in my virtual shopping series today to share with you a moment of silence today as my children enter into the new school year.

Make that 7 hours of silence. This is going to be weird.

I wonder how many of the following items I can cross off my to do list in the next 3 school days (21 hours of silence)
  • do all the laundry
  • iron Dave's work shirts
  • mending and alterations that have been sitting in the sewing room for 3 months
  • scrub the shower
  • clean the oven (it's self cleaning)
  • clean the refrig (I wish it was self-cleaning)
  • dust everything
  • wash the windows and doorknobs
  • wipe down the kitchen cupboards
  • wash the kitchen floor (deep-down on hands and knees with a scraper and magic eraser--it needs it!)
  • vacuum inside and under the couches
  • polish the dining room table, buffet and china hutch
  • dead head the flowers in the front yard
  • plant my fall flowers
  • sweep the front porch and patio
  • paint the spots Heath missed on the back porch
  • paint the garden shed
  • clean out under the kitchen sink
  • find my camera
OR, maybe I'll just snuggle up in bed and read.


  1. I vote for snuggling in bed, reading a sappy love story, and eating Bon Bon's. That is what I would do if I had 21 glorious, silent...and lonely hours. I am really missing my kids today. I am crazy , for sure....but I miss them so much.....and yesterday Sarah told us she is moving out October 1st. My mommy heart is breaking.

  2. That is quite the ambitious to do list. I say you are amazing. I'm trying to convince myself to write my to do list.


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