Wednesday, September 23, 2009

55 days without snacks

No, this is not a new diet. This is Cora's punishment. Read on.

About 2 weeks before school started Cora and Afton were in the midst of a deep clean of their bedroom. This included going through their clothes and finding the clothes that were too small or had stains and tossing them, eliminating toys that were "too little" for them, and collecting all the books from behind and underneath the bed to return them to the shelves where they belonged.

In the process Afton discovered a horde behind Cora's bed. It is not uncommon for kids to have a horde of special stuff stashed away in a secret spot in their room so I wasn't a bit surprised when Afton grabbed me and told me I needed to come into her room and see what Cora had stuffed behind her bed. I did as I was bade and discovered this was no ordinary kid horde.

I was expecting little trinkets, secret notes, favorite pencils, perhaps a necklace or two of mine that she had secreted away but no, none of that was to be found. In her horde she had wrappers, snack wrappers: fruit roll ups, yogos, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. Weird.

So before I go much more into my story about Cora I must let you in on my little secret about snacks: I purchase them year-round as they go on sale but I only let the kids eat them during the school year and only in their school lunches, it gives them something special and yummy everyday to look forward to. I guess you could say that I have a horde of snacks in my pantry.

Back to Cora. We started pulling snack wrappers from her stash. We continued retrieving them. We kept on grabbing and grabbing--there was no end to this pile of wrappers. Afton and Cora reached and picked and snagged all, I think, the wrappers out and put them in a HUGE pile in the middle of the bedroom. Needless to say I was shocked! and Cora was obviously a bit unnerved.

"Did you eat all these snacks?" I asked. She nodded slowly as she slunk into the corner and lowered her eyes. I was astonished and having a hard time keeping my composure. It took everything I had in me not to laugh.

I asked her if she remembered that these were school snacks and we were saving them for school lunches. She nodded. I asked if she knew that no one was supposed to eat them unless they were in their school lunch. She again nodded. I asked her if she knew what her punishment should be for eating every body's school snacks. "I don't get any school snacks?" she replied with a big frown (but no tears). "Yep. " I answered.

So we started counting and counting and counting. Fifty-five snack wrappers--and who knows if she stashed them all back there, perhaps she threw some away or stashed them somewhere else--55! We got out the calendar and started counting and counting and counting: fifty-five days. Cora will not get school snacks for 55 days. The week before Winter Vacation Cora will finally be able to have snacks in her lunch again. WOW!


  1. are more lenient than I would have been. Not only would I have done what you did, but I would have also added an extra chore for a while too. She broke a trust and made a mess. That is why you are a better mom than I am. It is hilarious though. She was so honest when confronted. She has more chutzpah than I would have had at her age. Hilarious.

  2. I think I would have been less calm about the whole thing. One thing you might consider is that she is getting hungry in the middle of the night and taking snacks to fill her hunger. It's common for kids who are in growth spurts to do that from time to time. My kids know that if they wake and are hungry, they can have cheese sticks, cereal, or fruit.

  3. I hate to mention this in such a public forum, but I might also suggest that you consider a possible eating disorder. Hiding high calorie food consumption (such as snack foods), especially in large quantities such as this can often be a hint that something else is going on. Just something to be aware of.

  4. I think you handled it perfectly!


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