Monday, August 10, 2009

A Whilrwind of a Weekend

This past weekend started early, on Thursday, when Dave, the boys and our neighbor friend took off for the hills on their annual father and sons summer adventure. They set out for a 3 day, 2 night hike to Summit Lake in the Cascade Mountains.

While they were gone the girls and I had plans of our own. Thursday afternoon we watched "Ella Enchanted" followed by dinner, long baths, facial scrubs and painting each others nails. The girls also each had their turns {on a stool on the back porch} getting their hair trimmed and styled {in the bathroom}.

Cora said, "It's like we're at a spa. Mom you should open your own spa and do this all the time."

When I graciously declined she asked, "don't you love doing people's hair and nails?"

"Nope," I replied, "I only love you." She smiled really big.

Friday I taught the girls how to make bread. While it raised we cleaned the house and did a little yardwork. We had some doctors appointments, soccer practice and some errands to run too, all in the drizzly dreary rain. We ended our day with homemade pizza and reading extra chapters of our newest read "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane".

As I snuggled into bed around 9:30pm to do some of my own reading the phone rang. It was Dave--they were on their way home, they had been rained out and though the boys had fun they didn't want to spend another night in the rain. They were home by 10:15pm.

I spent the whole of Saturday preparing for my brothers wedding reception. Yes, this is the brother that was married way back in April in Florida{whose tie I made--and the wedding dress too}. He and his bride had waited until a break in school to have their Washington reception. Saturday was a very long busy day that started at 8 am at the Farmers Market and ended as we loaded the last of the leftover flowers and cupcakes into the suburban to head for home at 11pm.

Sunday I woke up with sore feet and blisters from the stupid shoes I chose to wear all day Saturday. I took some time to read the newspaper and cut coupons--there are some good ones this week!

After church on Sunday we had a big family dinner with the Dooley family and our visiting, long-time friends, the Ballards. I made a big fruit bowl with balled watermelon and cantelope, green grapes, blueberries (from my trip to Blueberry park), and fresh picked blackberries from my backyard. I didn't even realize that I had blackberries in my backyard until that morning. I was throwing the melon rinds into the compost pile when I spotted a blackberry branch stretching out over the top of the pile from behind. As I went to whack off the branch I spotted the sparkling dark purple gleam at me from under the leaves and took pity on the bush. It will stay alive for at least another few days until I can pick the bush clean. Blackberries grow out of control here so I know I am taking a big chance but I just couldn't resist those black orbs of yummy sweet goodness.

mmmmmm....yummy!.... oops, sorry, I got sidetracked. Back to the salad--

I also threw in some fresh mint leaves, also from my backyard, and drizzled the whole thing with a very light coating of honey-lime dressing (juice of one lime, 1/4 c honey warmed in microwave until very runny. Pour each over fruit and toss to combine).

The salad turned out good, the company was great, had a fantastic weekend!


  1. wow, that honey lime dressing sounds scrumptious! how about posting some pics of the reception!!! im sure it was absolutely lovely!

  2. Oh Dani...that salad sounds scrumptious and beautiful too. There is nothing better than fresh fruit. The colors are gorgeous and they taste even better than they look. You are amazing. Glad that you and the girls had a nice time together. Tootles..... !


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