Monday, August 31, 2009

What a Dummy I am

Last Monday I took some dresses, the dresses I was going to enter into the fair, to the dry cleaners. Yep, you read that right--the dresses I was going to enter into the fair--Read on . . .

So, I was supposed to pick up the dresses on Friday. Got busy with 6th grade orientation (3 1/2 hours, way too long!), Cora's birthday date with Grandma, housework, soccer practice, my date with Dave, etc. On Saturday I was up early to drop Kirkham off for his Wild Waves adventure with his Sunday School class, the rest of us went to the elementary school for the annual Beautification day, home for housework, and then Dave and I attended his 20 year reunion (man, he's getting old). When I woke up Sunday morning I realized "I forgot to pick up the stuff from the dry cleaners!!! And the last day for fair entries is today!!!AAAACCCCHHH!!!"

I am one of those strict, no patronizing businesses on Sunday, kinda people but was so desperate when I realized what I had done that I decided I would go pick up the dress anyways. The ox was in the mire, right?! I started calling the cleaners at 7 am to find out what time they opened. No answer and no message--what kind of business doesn't have a message with operating hours? {answer: a business where no one speaks English} I impatiently waited for 9 o'clock to roll around figuring that was when the cleaners would be open. I jumped in the car, drove over as quick as I could and guess what, the cleaners was closed! Closed!!! What kind of business is closed on Sundays? {Answer: a good Christian business that I will continue to support with my money!}

So the cleaners saved me from going against my principles in a moment of weakness. I am really sad that I was so stupid and forgetful and didn't pick up the clothes in a timely manner and now can't enter 'em into the fair. My son, kindly trying to console me, said, "If you would have got it in the fair you would have got a blue ribbon mom." Very kind words but it just made me feel worse.
Morals of this sad story:
  • Don't overbook your schedule, OR
  • Don't put off till tomorrow what you should do today, OR
  • Don't blame the ox (you know--the one in the mire), OR
  • Don't sacrifice that which matters most (fair entry) for that which matters least (housework?), OR
  • Don't go looking for my dresses in the fair this year, they'll be at home in my closet if you want to see them.


  1. Oh, Dani, I'm SO sorry that happened! But just're all ready for next year!:)

  2. That is sad and sounds like something I would do. Fortunately I was not in charge and my mom told me she dropped my stuff off already. I'm glad I still get to rely on her sometimes.
    You still get to enter your bread though, right?

  3. Maybe next year your mom could take my dresses to fair for me. :) Yes, I'll enter the bread if I can remember to.


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