Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In the past few weeks I have received previously used clothing from several friends. Some for my girls and some for my boys. All nice stuff.

The clothes for the girls were previously owned by an 18 yo who just graduated HS and is on her way to BYU. She passed down some great purses, backpacks, and bags that the girls (and I) can use now and some clothes and shoes for the girls to grow into in the next couple years.

Of course my girls spotted the bags, kinda hard to miss 3 big white garbage bags in the front room, and wanted to know what was in them. I let them go through the clothes and oh, what a time they had!

Afton found some beautiful patten leather black high heel boots that she paired with a long lace-hem tank, crop scoop neck sweater and her own skinny jeans. She topped it all off with a cute corduroy newsboy cap and a Coach purse. I should have taken a picture she looked so cute--the spitting image of our friend who supplied her with the gear.

Cora instantly fell in love with the adorable Le Sport Sac backpack and handbags and the colorful Converse All-Stars (she'll need a few more years before she can fit those).

The boys received a few bags too, from two different sources. I had them try on the clothes Sunday night. I hadn't told them who they were from just that they were previously used. They were very excited to be getting new stuff and anxiously tried on the pants and sweatshirts and T's that had been given to them. As Kirkham was pulling on a t-shirt from the top of a bag he stopped.

"Hey! Are these from Jayson?", he asked with a crooked smile, poking his head through the shirt. I didn't know if the smile was crooked good or crooked bad but I answered honestly and said, "yes, why?".

"Because they smell like Jayson's house." he answered.

"Is that a good thing?"

"Heck yeah!" he replied.

He went through the rest of the pile sniffing each item before trying it on, "This is from Jayson", or "This isn't from Jayson". He sure liked the clothes and is now very excited about school to start.

Thank you friends for the certified pre-owned clothes!

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  1. I am so glad that Kirkham thinks our house smells good. Like I said earlier, there are ONLY two things in this world that I will buy that are brand specific. They are TIDE, original scent powder, and the other is liquid DOWNY April Fresh. Everything else in my home is either dollar store or what ever is cheapest. I am really glad that Kirkham will enjoy those clothes. Thanks Tide and Downy...I have made another friend for life !!


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