Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Growing Pains

Did you ever get growing pains as a kid? I did. Even to think of it now makes me cringe. The pain in my shins radiating up into my hips. Not being able to lay still to fall asleep. Waking in the middle of the night hurting so bad I couldn't walk into my mom's room to ask for help so instead crying and calling out to her.

My mom was always so good. She would bring in some tylenol and a hot pad and rub my legs until I could get back to sleep. She remembered how it felt too.

My kids also get growing pains. I'm never happy about being woken up in the middle of the night but I try very hard to be empathetic and help them back to sleep.

The other morning Heath told me he had a hard time sleeping. He hadn't woken me to tell me but his kneecaps had been hurting all night, and all the previous day too. In fact, they were still hurting him. He was trying to figure out what was wrong with his knees, perhaps an injury or an infection (he's a bit of a hypochondriac), "maybe I need to go to the doctor" he said.

I assured him he didn't need to go to the doctor because his knee hurt. There was no swelling, no injury that we knew of and no bruising or abrasions to be noted. I suggested it was growing pains.

"Growing pains in my knee?" he gasped incredulously, "but I haven't even grown!"

"Let's see about that" I suggested.

He hopped at the thought of growth and landed right in front of our growth chart (pencil markings on the kitchen doorway) and demanded to be measured. I complied and swiftly proved my point: In one month's time the kid grew nearly an inch. WOW! No wonder his knees hurt. I gave him some tylenol and suggested a hot pad. He accepted the tylenol and disregarded the hot pad. His spirits were instantly higher and within an hour his knees felt better.

But now my heart hurts because my baby, my oldest son, my cute little blue eyed boy is only 1/4 inch shorter than me. Any day now he will be taller than me and I will no longer be his big mommy, the tall woman that is in charge and must be obeyed, the giant lady who loves, cares for and protects him. Instead I will be-- well, I don't know what I will be exactly, hopefully the short woman who is in charge and must be obeyed? His cute little mommy? The lady who is loved, cared for and protected by him? Whatever it is I will be I'm sure to find out soon for he is eating and sleeping like nobody's business this week.

I don't know if my heart can take this.


  1. I never had growing pains (never grew much), but Danny's back has been killing him for about 3 weeks now because of it. He is always getting up in the middle of the night to eat! He got taller than me last September! Things have stayed pretty much the same for us except that now he teases me for being short!

  2. Oh, made me cry. Kelly's already taller than me, and Joe is almost there himself. I've been thinking the same thing. How did they grow up so fast? You are not alone with your aching heart, my friend. :-)


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