Monday, August 24, 2009

Fair Time

Are you a fair goer? Do you go for the rides? Are you all about the Elephant ears? Watch out midway here you come? Or are you like me? I go for the exhibits.

I love fair exhibits. Oh, wait, I suppose I should be more specific. I can't stand the sales floors with aisles and aisles of squeegees, mops, life insurance, windows, nail polish and water filtration systems. I could care less about the rows and rows of new cars and RV's, hot tubs and wood stoves. What I love are the fair entries exhibits. You know, the quilts, photography, hobby hall collections, the giant pumpkins and of course the animals! Love the animals!

The entries are what I go to the fair for. I love walking up and down the barns full of cows and goats and sheep. I really like to admire the produce and check out the honey bees. And I wouldn't miss the home arts sewing and canning because I like to check out my competition.

Yep, you heard it, my competition. I am one of those crazy people that like to put entries in the fair. I've done it three times and each time I've won blue ribbons! And Money! Not much money but money none the less.

This year I will be entering Allison's wedding dress and Jacob's tie, and a matching dress set that I made for Afton and her American Girl Doll for Christmas. My kids will be entering some of their finest Lego creations too. And lastly, I will be entering, for the first time ever, baking entries. I'll be entering some bread. I am really excited; entries are due this week!(except for the bread it's due in September)

Are you interested in putting an entry in the fair too? It's really easy and fun to see your stuff on display. For more information check out the Puyallup Fair's Competitive Exhibit Entry page.


  1. How fun. My mom enters stuff all the time in the crosstitching category. This may be the first year she doesn't enter. But I will have one in this year. Look for mermaids in the crosstitch stuff.
    I'll look for the wedding dress.

  2. I remember entering my home-made bread into the fair competition when I was younger (in 4-H!) It won a blue ribbon. I have to admit, however, that the thing about the fair that I enjoy most is the food: scones, elephant ears, corn on the cob. Secondly, the sales floor. And, I look at the hot tubs every year!


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