Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cora turned 6

I nearly forgot to do a post about Cora's 6th birthday. But don't worry, that doesn't mean I forgot her birthday.

This silly picture is from last week's Backyard Carnival . It was her birthday party (and her brothers' and sister's birthday partys too). Doesn't she make a beautiful toothless butterfly?!

On Saturday, her actual birthday, she had a full day of fun beginning with her very first soccer practice, playing at Hannah's house in the pool and going to Odessey I for her friend Evie's birthday party and then going to Gramma and Grampas house to see her cousins and stay up late. What better birthday could a 6 year old dream of? She thought it was the best ever!

Then on Sunday, when her dad and brothers got home from their WA state Boy Scout Jamboree, she had her birthday cake, ice-cream and presents.

She had a full weekend! Nonetheless I did not yet post about how big and grown up and wonderful she has become this year so I will take a few minutes to do that now.

Cora is a big bundle of energy, sunshine and danger! She goes non-stop all the time. Her favorite things to do are whatever her big brothers and sister are doing. She is a good cook, bicycle rider and intertuber. She loves to read and is far ahead of where her brothers and sister stood on the subject at age 6. She likes to have fun and make mom and dad nervous by climbing trees, riding skateboards and jumping to/from great distances.

Cora enjoys gardening for short periods of time--until she finds a frog or a grasshopper or a potato bug. She loves building habitats for these creatures and spends a great deal of time observing them and making them comfortable. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Cora claims she feels a lot different now that she is six but I think she is still the same sweet, cute wonderful daughter she has always been. I look forward to seeing what this year brings for her.

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  1. We were so happy that we got to come to your big party and celebrate with you! You are growing up so fast Cora! We love you very much:)


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