Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to buy

Today is the last day of the weekly grocery sales. Have you made your list yet? Have done your shopping yet? If you answered no to both of those here's my list, maybe it will help you out.

Albertsons Deals There are two doublers in the Albertsons ad (get more at customer service if you lost yours) and there were three doublers in the 7/12/09 Red Plum Sunday coupons all of which expire TODAY! You can only use a maximum of 2-3 doublers per transaction so plan accordingly.

4 boxes of mini wheats $1.88 each -$3 in coupons
6 boxes of other Kelloggs 15-25.5 oz cereal $1.88 each
Total $14.28-$10 REBATE= $4.28

Epic Savings (Must buy 10 products to qualify for savings)
1 Spray n wash stain stick $1.99-50 coupon -50 doubler=99 cents
2 Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallows 99cents each
1 Honey Nut Cheerios $2.49-$1 coupon -$1 doubler= 49 cents
2 Capri Sun Roarin Waters $2 each
4 GM Cereals $2.49 each
Total $18-$5 Epic Savings=$13.00

Here are a few more items that I am getting with my doublers:
2 Ben & Jerry's Pints (my secret obsession) $2.50-$1(RP-6/28)-$1 doubler=$3
2 Dole pineapple 20 oz. $1.00-.55 (SS-6/28) - .55 doubler =$1.10
El Monterey Tornados $2.00-$1(SS-5/17)-$1 doubler= FREE
Albertsons Grand Total $21.38

For more ways to use your doublers check out this post on Pinching your Pennies
Saar's Marketplace deals You can only get these prices with their in-ad coupons. Sorry, they don't pass out more coupons in-store but you can ask to be put on their mailing list.

7# Nectarines .77/lb =$5.39
3 Cantalope .99 ea= $2.98
7# Plums .77/lb=$5.39
3# Broccolli .88/lb=$2.64
2 Cucumbers 4/$1=.50
10 Kiwi Fruit 5/$1=$2
4 Green/Red Bell Pepper 2/.88=$1.76
1 Honeydew Melon $2
1 Cabbage $1
15# Russet Potatoes $2.69

Grand Total $26.35
Fred Meyer deals prices are good through next Sunday July 26th. I probably won't make the trip out to Freddy's for these items but if you're going anyways don't miss these great deals:
grapes .88/lb
Darigold Butter 3/$5 (with in-ad coupon)
Fred Meyer Ice-cream 6/$10 (with in-ad coupon)
70 page spiral notebooks 10/$1
Ground Beef $1.78/lb
5lb blueberries $7.88

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