Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanna make laundry detergent?

Ok, I read this post on this lady's blog like 4 months ago and have totally been wanting to try it ever since. She makes her own laundry detergent, can you believe that?!

Well, I thought: I make my own bread and my own window cleaner and my own mac and cheese and my own sprouts and my own everything already why not laundry soap too?!

I've been saving my liquid detergent containers in preparation because her recipe makes a huge batch and I don't want it just sitting open in a 5 gallon bucket in the middle of my laundry room {that is just begging for Cora to swim in!}

I've only gone through two 100 oz Tides and 1 1/2 small bottles of Purex since then and am anxious to try it out. Anybody have any empty containers and wanna split the cost (a whole $2 by her estimation) of the experiment with me? She claims it can be used in HE/front loaders!!!

Am I just totally crazy?


  1. Do you have a source for the soap? I would be interested in trying this. (Would you know I just recycled 2 150 fl oz containers!)

  2. I tried the laundry detergent. Actually,the graham crackers author had a butch of friends over for lunch and a laundry soap making party. She provided the lunch and all of the ingredients to make the soap. The guests provided their 5 gallon bucket. It was alot of fun. Isn't her blog a kick? Hope you get a chance to visit ours sometime!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  3. I'll split it with you!!! let's make a date!

  4. Check out the Duggar Family's website -- they have a recipe for laundry detergent (and other items) there!


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