Thursday, July 23, 2009

Store Review: Pearl Street Saar's Marketplace

The Pearl Street Saar's Marketplace is located 1 block north of 6th Avenue on Pearl Street (just past the freeway underpasses). It is in the same parking lot as Discount Tires.

You may remember that I go to the Lakewood Saar's Marketplace quite often though it certainly leaves something to be desired. The Pearl Street Saar's Marketplace is leaps and bounds better than the Lakewood store. It's still not as pretty as a Safeway or Thriftway but it's also not nearly as pricey.

I loved walking into this store and being greeted by tables of well lit, fresh produce. The aisles were wide and easy to navigate, lots of produce bags and scales readily available and the produce was organized and easy to locate. It also smelled clean and fresh--that's always a plus.

I was pleased to find that all the aisles in the store were wide. They were well marked and it was pretty easy to find my way around. There was a bakery and meat department and a small service deli. Prices were clearly marked on labels and sale items were easy to find.

There were very few customers in the store though it was 4:30 on Monday afternoon--usually a very busy time for grocery stores; the line moved quickly. The checker was friendly and was able to answer my questions about products and coupons. All my items were rung up correctly.

Pearl Street Saar's Marketplace Scorecard

Are the advertised products in stock and easy to find? I was looking to see if the products were on regular shelves or had they been moved to endcaps or other locations in the store. I also wanted to know if they were clearly marked with the sale/coupon prices.
All advertised sale items were in-stock and easy to locate

Are the employees and cashiers coupon/sale knowledgable? I wanted to know if they knew what was on sale and could they help me find it, if necessary. I also was watching to see the cashiers reactions to scads of coupons, if they remembered to ring them and if they were rung up correctly.
Friendly, helpful employees.

How do I like shopping at this store? I want to get a feel for the ambiance, store layout, cleanliness and product quality. I'm also looking at how the employees interact with the customers, if they're friendly and helpful. Would I want to shop here on a regular basis?

Wide aisles, bright lights, easy to spot employees

Overall Score

15 out of 15 carts!
I really could find nothing wrong, at all, with this store except that it is 35 minutes away from my house, way too far for a weekly trip. If you live nearby I certainly recommend you shop at the Pearl Street Saar's Marketplace.

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  1. I really enjoy going to this Saar's. Although it's kinda far from my house too, but it is right by the YMCA we attend several times a week... making it convenient.


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