Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staying Cool

For those of you not in the Puget Sound area you probably don't know that we are in the midst of quite a drought. I know, sounds crazy that the Evergreen State is in drought but, believe it or not, we've had a total of .33 inches of rain in the last 2 months--the norm for June and July combined is 2.25 inches!

We are also enjoying/suffering (depends on your perspective) very high temperatures of late. I went out blueberry picking this morning and only made it until 10:30. It got so dang hot! We've had 13 days of 80 degree+ temps. Yesterday's high was 98 degrees around 5:30pm here at my house. Today it is already 93 and still climbing. Depending on where you get your forecast tomorrow looks like we may just break the 100 mark--a very rare occasion in the PS area!

The norm here is 70's and 80's so naturally we are wilting! To stay cool we have all the windows shut and curtains drawn. We have fans going in every room and all the lights off. We are spending our time alternately outside in the sprinkler/slip-n-slide/kiddie pool and in the basement watching TV/playing games/reading. I haven't turned on my dishwasher, washer, dryer nor oven in over 36 hours. We are quickly depleting our supply of popsicles.

Any suggestions for me as I try to beat the heat?

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  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Hey Dani! We're wilting over here to. I've been drying all my clothes on a clothes line, and I run my dishwasher at 11pm at night. We leave the windows open and a fan going until 7:30am. Then we shut everything. We manage to keep our house in the 70's until 2pm. Good luck!


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