Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Puget Sound Summer Freebies Top Ten (#8-5)

I love summertime--can't get enough of it--there is just so much to do, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. For that reason I have put together 4 posts full of the top 10 things I am doing and you should do this summer. Of course, to earn the spots at the top of my list they must be cheap, easy and fun.

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8. Enjoy the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Unfortunately the Point Defiance Zoo is neither cheap nor easy. It isn't easy because it is a very, VERY big zoo. Be prepared to do some serious walking. If you've got little ones, bring a stroller. If you've got older ones (grammas or grampas) make sure they wear their good walking shoes. There are plenty of places sprinkled throughout the zoo to have a seat and rest and enjoy the surroundings. Going to the zoo once can be pricey. For my family it is cheaper to buy the yearly membership for $90 especially because we like the zoo and go often. But if you really don't want to pay anything but really want to go to the zoo make sure your kids go to the library and earn their FREE ZOO PASS! Yes, while supplies last they can each earn a free zoo pass when they participate in the Pierce County Library summer reading program. The Point Defiance zoo is a lot of fun, has a lot of cool animals including an awesome Budgie exhibit and an exciting play area and petting zoo. You and the kids will have a very fun time.

7. Visit a local water park
Jefferson Park and the back side of Wapato Hills park both have fun free spray water parks for the kids to enjoy. Both have great picnicing, fields and play equiptment too. Stewart Heights Park ($) in Tacoma has a nice pool with slides and lots of fun stuff, not your average community pool! Another local community outdoor pool is Fircrest Pool and it too will cost ya to go into the main pool but if you've got young kids take them to the Kiddie Pool. It is free and fun and closed during lunch hours to Fircrest residents only, so plan accordingly.

6. Enjoy Fort Steilacoom Park

My favorite park for hiking, biking, running, fishing, dog-walking, playground playing, and so much more is right in my very backyard (okay, three blocks from my very backyard), Ft. Steilacoom Park. It is an excellent place to play and explore and get lost and found. Excellent Blackberries to pick at the end of the summer. Beautiful birds to watch all the time. A super place to go fly a kite.

5. Relax at Kobayashi Preserve

Kobayashi Preserve in University Place is a teeny tiny little park on the banks of Chambers Creek. It has beautiful walking paths, shallow water and a nice small lawn for picnicking. It is a bit shady and therefore perfect on those scorchers of days in late July. A beautiful setting for family portraits too (see my facebook)!

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