Friday, July 03, 2009

Puget Sound Summer Freebies Top Ten (#2 & 1)

I love summertime--can't get enough of it--there is just so much to do, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. For that reason I have put together 4 posts full of the top 10 things I am doing and you should do this summer. Of course, to earn the spots at the top of my list they must be cheap, easy and fun.

2. Go to the beach
We have a loverly assortment of great beaches to visit here in the Tacoma area, just about anything to suit your needs. Like quiet rocky beaches for skipping rocks and peaceful meditation? Try Saltar's Point in Steilacoom (this is where Dave proposed to me on a dark and misty December evening 15 years ago). Maybe you would like to play some beach volleyball and have a BBQ, well then Sunnyside Beach is where you should go. Maybe you like to look but not touch the water and prefer to rollerblade bike or just people watch along a promenade/boardwalk? Go down to Ruston Way in Tacoma. Nice sidewalks, nice grassy open areas, cool views, etc. Or maybe . . . . ok, this list can go on and on, lots of beaches here, all of them interesting, all of them fun, all of the FREE ! My personal favorite is a beach with lots of little crabs and sealife and trains and a lovely park with play equipment and fields and a yummy delicious seafood restaurant. Yep, you guessed it, Titlow Beach in Tacoma and when I've got a few bucks to spare I'll visit my favorite restaurant, Steamer's, right there on the water. {Steamer's not free but you can get coupons in the ValPak.}

1. Hit the freshwater

Lakes abound here in Lakewood {hence the name}. My very most favorite thing to do each and every summer, and I would do it every single day if I could, is to go water skiing. Technically water skiing isn't free 'cause you've gotta have a boat and you've gotta pay for gas. In my case my dad owns the boat and, well, the gas money is worth the fun we have out skiing (I check for lowest gas prices). I LOVE waterskiing. Steilacoom Lake has a free launch that is fairly well maintained if you've got a boat but beware the stumps and go slow and stay left exiting the lagoon.

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