Friday, July 17, 2009

The Littles go home :(

We had such a fun time this week with our friends, the Littles. We spent time at home playing, walking at the Chambers Bay Property Trails in UP, discovering crabs at Titlow Beach, playing hide and seek at the blueberry park in Tacoma (berries weren't quite ripe yet), walking and walking and walking at the zoo (saw the Budgies!). On Wednesday they spent the day on the Hwy 101 loop around the Olympic Penninsula to Forks and the Hoh River Rainforest while I spent the day in the dentist's office with Cora, again. Thursday: Harry Potter!, more playing and everyone made their own personal pizzas--including tossing their own dough (with 10 kids in the house this was no small feat).

What a week! My kids are going to be so very bored now.
Thanks for visiting, we'll miss you.
Drive home safely.

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