Thursday, July 16, 2009

I need your help, Quick!

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. I have been so busy with guests and kids and food and fun that I didn't get anything nor plan anything for Dave. But, it's not like we can even do anything anyways. He'll be at school all day (he's working on his administrative credentials at PLU) and then he is playing in a baseball game that his dad invited him to play in (should baseball be allowed on an anniversary?) and we still have guests in town until Friday morning.

Am I in trouble or is he?

Before you toss in your verdict I guess I must say that we do have plans to go on a very romantic 3-day trip a few weeks from now. We always take turns each year planning a fun getaway for the two of us on our anniversary.

Last year, my year, we took a motorcycle ride up around Hoods Canal, stayed at a nice little place on the canal and spent the day kayaking, ate at the Alderbrook Lodge and took a leisurely ride up into the hills on logging roads to see some awesome bridges and views of the mountains.

The year before that, Dave's year, we farmed out the kids and spent the night in our very own house -- alone! Went out to a nice dinner here in town and out to breakfast the next morning and did some window shopping (literally, we went to Lowes. Found a nice chandelier for the dining room on clearance for $19!)

Three years ago, my year, we took a motorcycle ride up to Victoria and stayed in a hostel and went to Buschart Gardens and walked and walked and rode and rode all over town and the island.

Anyways, you get the idea, we take turns and this year is Dave's turn. This year due to his classes and my friends we had to finagle the date a bit and won't be leaving for a few weeks. I am very, very excited! We are going to go on a 3-day backpacking hike in the Olympic Mountains (or maybe the Cascades, Dave hasn't quite decided which trail yet). No, I am not being sarcastic. I am really excited to be doing this, in fact, I requested it! What could be more romantic than being far, far away from everyone in the world but your honey, enjoying the sights of nature together. Ahhh!

So, now, can I get away with just a "happy anniversary!"?


  1. Don't underestimate the value of a sincere, longer-than-one-page note of endearment!

  2. That's a great idea!


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