Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dooley's weather update

Thank you for tuning into the Dooley channel today. Our top story, The Heat Wave, is up next.

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Hot and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. And, record breaking! The high today at the Dooley hallway weather station (furnace thermostat) was 92 degrees! That record, hit at 6:15 pm yesterday, broke the previous record of 89 degrees from the day before. Yesterday's low was also a record breaker, the highest low ever recorded in the 3 years the Dooleys have lived here, 76 degrees at 8 am yesterday morning.

But it looks like those records won't last long. Today's forecast outside is in the triple digits. Inside there will be more hot winds coming in from all the fans and the temp is expected to be near 94 degrees. If you are visiting the Dooleys you may want to hang out in the basement where it is noticeably cooler with an expected high of only 80 degrees or stay in your car with the A/C on and invite them out to visit you!

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