Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A big decision to make

I am in the midst of an exciting fun filled summer. I have had two weeks full of out-of-town guests. The family took a quick three-day to an island. Boys are playing polo and participating in Design Squad. We're visiting beaches and parks and zoos and, yeah, you know, lots of fun and sun. So why is it that I can't stop worrying?

In the back of my mind I can't stop worrying about the end of the summer, the kids back in school and me being all alone at home. For the first time in 13 years I will be home alone 7 hours a day, 4-5 days a week for 9 months (give or take). It is a scary prospect for me. Now I have to (or get to, as my dad would suggest) decide how I will best use my time without kids or hubby.

Obviously I will still be in charge of the same housework I've been doing all these years and perhaps now I will do a much better job of it. At least 6 hours of the day the house will be spotless, maybe. And the cooking too I still must do. Maybe I can spend some of my newfound time hunting down and trying yummy new recipes instead of the same ol' standbys {goodbye mac and cheese?}

Perhaps I may finally find the time to organize the garden shed, finish painting the exterior of the house, build myself a new pantry, paint the downstairs and reupholstery the dining room chairs. Oh, there are so many projects I'd like to finish/start around the house it would certainly be nice to use up my time on that!

Then of course there are those last 20 something credits of GE I never finished for my bachelors degree. 14 years ago I left college thinking it would be a cinch to finish those up in my spare time. Nope, not so simple! Even now I'm wary. Yeah, I'd like to have my degree though I do not intend to do anything with it except wave it in front of my childrens' faces insisting that they too get one. I've got two histories, Statistics, Chemistry, Accounting, Biology, Religion and a few others. I'm worried I'm not smart enough to do this anymore. I'm worried that I don't really want to do it. I'm worried that it costs so dang, stinkin' much more than it did 14 years ago--I don't know if I can afford it. Which brings me to my last option . . . . .

Starting my own business. I am a seamstress. My almost degree is in fashion design. I've been sewing for hire since I was 17 years old. I've made countless formals, many wedding dress, christening gowns, and lots and lots of other things. I've been doing alterations and small projects out of my home for years and now, with all my extra time, I could start doing and earning more! I could make some money and buy some of the extras around the house. I could pay for a nice vacation or an upgrade on a vehicle or maybe even buy a new vehicle! And of course I could increase our savings with the money I bring in and maybe even start investing. I would really like that, a little more money and little more security?

Oh, decision, decisions . . . none of them are bad choices, none of them are mutually exclusive, none of them are permanent, but each of them will take time and effort and I've got a limited supply of both, not to mention I am kinda a one track mind person, I can't focus if I've got too many things going.

What to do?

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  1. Isn't it nice to have choices? I know, it's hard, too. Sometimes it's just easier for someone else to make the decision...


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