Friday, July 31, 2009

Ahhh, it's a mere 71 degrees in my house this morning. I feel so much better now that the worst of the heat is over.

Since yesterday morning I have been babysitting three of my sister's four children. She is at a scrapbooking retreat.

Since yesterday morning Dave has, conveniently, been gone on a fishing trip with my other brother-in-law. He took the suburban, the only vehicle that could pull the fishing boat (or transport 6 kids).

I haven't been away from the house since Wednesday night at 10 when we got home from a dinner and swimming party. I won't be able to leave again until either Dave gets home from his fishing trip or Devin picks up his children, probably around 6pm. That's 44 consecutive hours at home, something I haven't done since before school got out. I love being stuck at home, seriously!

After getting the kids to bed last night I spent a quiet evening sorting through old coupons and reading blogs. Here are a few tidbits I picked up:this Sunday there will be 5 sets of coupons in the newspaper, there are also some great deals on school supplies going on at Walmart and Target and lastly there are some screaming clearance deals at Target this week. And of course, you and I both already knew this, Albertson's has double coupons again.

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  1. Dani, thank you, thank you, thank you1 for watching my kids! They had so much fun, I had so much fun... it was exactly what i needed. You're the BEST!


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