Thursday, June 25, 2009

the week

First week of summer is nearly over. The kids have had a great week playing with friends. I have had a great time painting the girls room. I was supposed to do it over Spring Break and somehow didn't get around to it so it was first on my list for summer break. It is nearly done. I'll post some pics when it is completed.

I got my new/replacement Kitchen Aid yesterday. Remember it broke down last week. The old one was a very nice platinum color but I opted to replace it with bright, shiny red! Wow, it looks great on my countertop!

I intended to write my grocery list out for you but am being "paged" (read, kids need moms help). In the mean time here are some great Albertsons deals this week courtesy of Pinching your pennies. See what you come up with and we can compare lists later.

Gotta run.

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