Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last week my sprinkler broke. A really bad week to break a sprinkler, I know, it was so stinkin' hot and a record number of days without rain, I know!

The plants that had soaker hoses were ok. I had to hand water other plants that usually get the sprinkler, like the garden and the pots and one of the front gardenbeds. But I totally forgot to water my strawberries.

I know your wondering," You dummy Dani, how could you forget strawberries? The lovely little berries that you couldn't shut up about a couple weeks back because you were so proud of them." Nevertheless I forgot about them.

Saturday as I was working hard out in the yard and pruning and planting and digging and rototilling and raking and mowing and watering I finally got around to noticing my strawberry bushes. They looked kinda sad. The leaves were all curled and nodding downward like they do when they are trying to conserve their last bits of moisture.

I FREAKED out! "How could I forget my strawberries?" I asked myself. I checked for berries. Phew, production hadn't stopped. I picked a berry and popped it in my mouth.

OM Goodness! Holy mole! That was the best darn tastin' strawberry I ever had! It was better than smuckers jam straight out of the jar! Better than freezer jam!

I tried another. Oh, I could not believe this, it was even better. I started going crazy. I popped as many strawberries into my mouth as I could. They were all so very, very good. So sweet and melt in your mouth good and luscious and juicy and everything! I grabbed a handful and ran around the yard giving one to everyone. I forced them all to eat them and they went running--running --over to the strawberry patch for more.

Saturday I learned two things: 1-For superb strawberries water them as little as possible (without putting them into shock of course) and 2-superb strawberries do not last very long in my yard, I think I need to double the size of my patch.

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