Wednesday, June 24, 2009


About three weeks ago, right in the middle of my very busy last three weeks of school, my husband asked me to compare prices on insurance between our current carrier and his buddy's new company rates.

I was like, "yeah, right, you want me to take 3 hours researching and reading and making phone calls and comparing companies now? Get real, I'm way to busy right now! Besides, I did my research last time and we have the best rates I could find anywhere. Guaranteed! I'll check it out in a month." I didn't really say that to him but I was thinking it AND didn't follow through on his request (yes, I am a well practiced passive aggressive)

A few days later his buddy calls me (can you see me rolling my eyes as I answer the phone? I'm way too busy for this!) and says that he's got some great rates he'd like to offer me, he just needs a few bits of information, it'll only take a few minutes.

I was cornered so I gave him what he wanted. Our current carrier (Allstate), our current coverage, our current payments, the VIN's of our vehicles and our Soc Sec numbers. It only took a few minutes and he said he'd email me the quote.

"Yeah, whatever" I thought, "I still don't have the time to shop it out and make all the changes, but OK!"

I received the email. WOW! The price difference was unbelievable. I felt a little stupid for dragging my feet and for having mean thoughts. Hopefully he wasn't a mind reader.

Now the problem was I didn't have to to go make an appointment and go sign a bunch of papers and that whole rigmarole as well as making all the phone calls and filling out all the forms to cancel my old policies. It'd have to wait.

But no--he showed up at the door on a Saturday morning with all the papers and pens and everything, EVERYTHING! We sat down at the kitchen table for about 10 minutes. We went over the coverage, we went over the payments, we wrote a check and we were done. He canceled my old policy, started the new policy, took care of everything.

Wow! Thank you Brian Roderick with American Family Insurance for saving me big money, big time and big hassle with insurance. Thank you for making it easy and quick. And thank you for laughing (I hope) when your wife tells you what I wrote about you on the blog.

If you are wondering if he could save you some money too give Brian a call (253) 756-8615. Brian works for Agent David Haynie at American Family Insurance in Tacoma.

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