Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Gifts

Shhhh! Don't tell but I got a big surprise for Dave for Father's Day--ties!

OK, so no big surprise, ties are a pretty standard Father's Day gift. There's nothing even really special about these ties. They're not handmade like the one I made for Jacob's wedding. They're just plain ol', purchased from Costco, stripe and paisley ties. But they were a really good price ($13 each) and I'm getting way sick of the ties Dave's got, it's time to switch things up a bit.

He'll also be receiving two new belts, a black one and a brown one. A couple of work (by work I mean dress) shirts and a pair of slacks. These were also purchased at Costco for a very, very reasonable price.

I usually don't "spoil" Dave with so many gifts for Father's Day but the thing is he really needs some new clothes. I told you I was getting sick of his same ol' ties, well same goes for his other clothes. He needs something new. I think he'll like it.

For my dad I'm getting (drum roll, please) ties. My dad LOVES ties. In fact, he has a tie collection. He has ties in two closets! He never tires of them, never is disappointed to get one but is disappointed when he doesn't. And guess where his tie is coming from, not costco, TJ Maxx. I find a lot of interesting ties there. Dad always likes them and they are always very reasonable in price.

For my father-in-law I am getting, you guessed it, not a tie! He doesn't like ties so much. So instead he'll be getting a nice polo. He really likes polo's. He has two closets of polos!

What are you getting for Fathers Day? I promise not to tell.

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