Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Doublers and Deals

Today is your last day to use all the Albertson's doublers that came out in last weeks ad and Sunday's newspaper inserts.

If you haven't used them yet and have no idea how to go about it there are some great ideas for what to use 'em on at this Pinching your pennies forum.

Hurry, quick! Get over there before it's too late!

While you're at it hurry over to Saar's. I was at Saar's Marketplace in Lakewood Town Center yesterday and found a great deal on milk. 50 cents per half gallon of Horizon Organic milk! It does have a poll date of June 11th but is good for another 10 days after that. I grabbed 10 half gallons for $5!!!! We'll have it all drunk up within the week.

They are also still selling near poll date Yoplait yogurt for $2 a case. I had a coupon for $1 off 8 yoplait and the cashier let me use it against the case! 12 cups of yogurt for $1--SCHWEET!!! That'll be gone by the 11th.

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