Friday, June 12, 2009

Dirty Dishes

My dishwasher has been driving me nuts the past 2 weeks. The dishes aren't coming out clean, in fact, their coming out dirtier than they went in. The glass have had spots and a gritty film inside and out and the silverware does not look like something that you want to put in your mouth.

I've been trying various remedies for the problem. I tried scrubbing every dish and utinsel before putting it in--still dirty and gritty. I tried doing smaller loads--still dirty and gritty. I tried checking my water temperature--still dirty and gritty. I tried washing out the dishwasher--still dirty and gritty!!!

My next step was pulling the dishwasher out and checking all the hoses and drains, maybe something was clogged, but Dave stopped me. "Are you sure you've checked everything?" Then it dawned on me, I started using a new dish detergent about 3 weeks ago, maybe it was the detergent.

I did some quick checks at the library in the Consumer Reports magazine and found that the top performing detergent is the cheap Walmart brand. I picked up some detergent at Walmart. I went home to try it out.

For the first load I made sure that the dishes were no cleaner than I usually put them in. Some gooey egg yolk on a plate, smoothie residue in some cups, just the usual but nothing big. No chunks. I also made sure that the grit on the cups was washed off. {This proved to be a little problem. It wouldn't rinse or wipe off. I ended up using my magic eraser. If you don't have a magic eraser you must, MUST, get one. Target carries both the name brand, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and their own generic store brand. I've found no difference between the two and find the eraser so very useful for cleaning up the stove top, stains on the counter, scum in the bathtub and yes, grit on the glasses!}

An hour later I was so happy to open my dishwasher to a fresh, hot, steamy batch of VERY clean dishes! What a difference a detergent makes.

Before I was using Electrasol Powerball Tabs that I had gotten for Free with coupons. I will not use them again--not even for free! Go for the Walmart Brand, it gets your dishes clean.

Got grit and grime in your dishwasher that a change in detergent isn't solving? Read my post on Washing the dishwasher.


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago and I never thought to check the detergent. I was rewashing dishes forever!!!!

  2. Love the Walmart brand detergent! Been using it for years! Glad you've come over to the light! ;)


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